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White on White

Damien Hirst himself

This is the worst museum i've ever been to. What is the point in all this meaningless crap?

At least he visited 

Smith, Jane

One of the best museums i've been to in a long time, would recommend to anyone who is thinking of going.


A great museum, something for all the family, great cafe and shop too. Their collection of stuff made me feel so strongly i cried for days. Everyone should experience this god like museum.

Where is the museum?

The National Museum Of Stuff is conveniently located in the centre of Liverpool, a five minute walk away from the Liverpool Lime Street train station.The museum of stuff is extremely exclusive, and you would normally only be able to enter if you live in the building.The building the museum is located in, is unfortunately a student accommodation which requires a key fob to be allowed in. It is because of this only students living in the accommodation will be able to visit the museum. Alternatively if you have a friend living at Byrom point student accommodation student roost, you can ask them to sneak you in past reception but we remind you that you are doing this at your own risk of being kicked out the building by security. There is a small parking lot located right next to the museum that you will have to pay for in order for you to be able to stay. Alternatively there is a free parking lot a 20 minute walk away from the museum. 

The collections held at the museum are displayed in one studio flat and we ask visitors to view the collections, one at a time, taking no longer then five minutes per person. The building does have disability accessible doors and two lifts, as well as two stair cases. In case of a fire in the building the fire alarm will sound and visitors asked to go down to the ground floor parking lot, until the building has been checked. When the fire alarm sounds the lifts automatically shut down ,so people counting on the lifts for wheelchair access will have to be carried.

However all of this doesn't matter as because of lock down rules and the ever worsening corona virus situation we will not be able to open back up to the public for some time. At the National Museum Of Stuff we want to put your health and safety above everything else which is why we have made the decision not to open up properly to the general public again until next year, and even then when we do open back up visitors will only be allowed in if they are wearing at least three face coverings.

At the moment we have exhibitions showing collections of stuff mainly from our founding artist, the collections include: the found and ready made stuff collection, the curators personal collection and the collection of charity shop stuff.


The curators own personal collection, shows a beautiful display of work made in lock down and to do with the corona virus situation, aptly named and reflecting peoples frustrated views towards how the government has dealt with the pandemic and the pandemic itself. The collection also shows unrelated works, that have turned out looking creepy, perhaps reflecting the artists inner feelings.

 Its also interesting how an object can make us feeling unsettled or creeped out whilst holding no threat to us. Our collection of found and ready made stuff centres around interesting objects found out in everyday life and how their origin and past is unknown to us. Despite this we can attribute a meaning to this object, maybe based of our own personal experiences.


Finally we have had the great privallege of being able to have work made by different artists in our collection, this includes work by Karema Munassar,Salvador Dali, Helen Lyndon and Marcel Duchamp.

We do want to remind you that because of lock down restrictions we are not open for the foreseeable future. We also want to be extra safe and careful as we value our visitors and their health.


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