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About the museum of stuff

The national museum of stuff has been opened since January 2021, by our founder and artist Halyna Maisie Maystrenko-Grant. The museum first started off as a project created for a university module based on exploring curating and creating collections for museums. The museum originally held only the founders own artworks of different mediums and forms, as well as other found objects and interesting stuff. The museum originally was not even open to the general public due to the great corona virus pandemic. 


Nowadays the museum holds a vast collection of stuff,including stuff from different artists, found stuff and miscellaneous stuff.  The museum is also planning on having some new and exciting collections sent in by some talented world renowned artists which will hopefully be open to the public soon.

So what is in the museum of stuff ? 

The museum contains only collections of stuff, stuff being physical objects made of matter this means they occupy space and have mass. matter is what makes up atoms and compounds, which makes up every physical thing around us. The states of matter include solids,liquids or gases. The museum has chosen to collect stuff as "stuff" being so vague encompasses the most of life. Stuff being everything physical means that we get to showcase the basis of everything our museum is about.  Anything and everything could be described as "stuff" therefore the museum holds many different emotions associated with many different things.

Here at the museum of stuff we are interested in the way we as humans attribute meaning to stuff, stuff can hold many emotions and memories for certain people. Some stuff even has historical value, having seen life and death and history being made before it. We believe you can give meaning to anything if you wanted to and therefore meaningless stuff can become treasure. At our museum we want to give meaning to the seemingly mundane stuff in life, that is why we display our stuff to the public. When something is created or made it isn't born with meaning, meaning is given to stuff by people.

In reality stuff is meaningless.

Our mission is to spread the beauty of stuff with the world and also educate people on the origins of stuff. We also work to encourage people to see the beauty in other everyday stuff by displaying our own interesting stuff in a professional manner. With the money from our membership fees and donations we work to bring more exciting stuff from all over the world to the general public. This also directly funds the museums pieces. Our board of trustees determines what work goes into our museum , the board of trustees keeps the publics interest at heart. A place on the board of trustees is completely voluntary in order to avoid bias from paid participants, if you would like to know more please contact us.

Our museum currently holds stuff that has been created and found during lockdown , as well as classic pieces from other artists, take a look at some of our collections below.


See more of our collections in detail on the collections page.

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